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Facebook is the 2nd largest website on the internet. It is visited by million of people on daily bases. According to a survey, about 70% users on Facebook don’t know about all features of Facebook.

10 of the best Facebook features you’ve been missing out are listed below:

10) Prevent tagged posts from automatically displaying on your Timeline


To turn on tag review, click on the arrow at the top right of any Facebook page and select ‘Settings’ In the left-hand column. Then click Timeline and Tagging and look for the setting ‘Who can add things to my timeline?’ and click ‘Edit’ next to the option ‘Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline’ to turn it on.

9) Turn of Push Notifications on Facebook mobile app


Sometimes getting notifications on mobile is irritating and it may takes away battery of your phone. From your Android, iPhone or iPad go to Privacy Settings > Notifications > Mobile Push and un-tick the things you don’t want to get notifications about.

 8) Send Email to a Facebook user from your Facebook account


Send a message to someone on Facebook from your email account (Hotmail, Yahoo!, Gmail etc) using their email address. Your email will look like Facebook messages, including your name, your profile picture and your message.

7) Download your Facebook info


A feature in the Account Settings allowing you to download information available to you in your account such as your posts you have shared,timeline info, messages, photos , etc. It also includes unique info that is not available at any other place like IP addresses that are logged when you log into or out of Facebook.
Click the arrow at the top right of any Facebook page and choose Settings. At the bottom of the General Account Settings in an option to “Download a copy of your Facebook data”.

6)  Login Notifications


Mostly people on facebook are concerned about their security on Facebook. Someone may see our password while we type it in front of them. It may let him/her to login to our account. This is why facebook has introduced login notification feature.

To turn on login notifications:

  1. Go to your Security Settings
  2. Click on the Login Notifications section
  3. Check the box next to the type of alerts you’d like to receive and save your changes

5) View Photos in the old way


Many people don’t like the photos on Facebook in popups. You can revert to the preview Facebook photo display by pressing F5 on your keyboard. This will turn it into classical view.

4) Check other messages


The ‘other’ messages folder on facebook mostly include messages from people not in you friend list. This folder is mostly ignored by people because it is nt clearly visible on facebook.  You may check ‘other’ messages by going into messages tab and getting into ‘others’ tab.

3) See Friendship


You can see you attachment with your friend by simly going to his profile and clicking on ” See Friendship”. If you’ve added a relationship to your timeline, you can go to to see the friendship page for you and the person you’re in a relationship with.

2) Activity Log


Activity log is a history of all the work you had done previously on facebook. Even what you had searched on is also included in it. You can get to your activity log by clicking the arrow at the top right of any Facebook page and choosing Settings, followed by ‘Privacy’. Next to ‘Who can see my stuff?’ click ‘Use Activity Log’.

1) Facebook Lists


A new feature on facebook about creating a list is not very common. By creating a list, you can organize what’s happening on facebook. For example : you may create list of your Teachers to see their activity and your colleagues to stay in touch with them too.

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